Why Literacy Matters

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Imagine if you couldn’t read an email, a book, a contract or any other written document. Imagine if you struggle to write the simplest sentence or even sign your name on a birthday card.  This is the reality for 25% of the adult population in the USA today, and that number is growing. The United States currently ranks 23rd in literacy in the world, behind China, Estonia, Poland and 19 other countries.

Of all the skills a child needs to navigate modern life, two of the most important  are reading and writing.  Without a firm mastery of the written word, school is a struggle, a child’s self-esteem plummets, and the chances of success as an adult are lessened. 

Alberta Education defines literacy as “the ability, confidence and willingness to engage with language to acquire, construct and communicate meaning in all aspects of daily living.”

In Wired for Story the author, Lisa Cron, points out that our brains are hardwired to “acquire, construct and communicate meaning” most easily through stories. Children who more easily learn to read and write often do so because they have been introduced early on to the enchantment of the written word through beloved stories that makes them wish to read more like them and write their own.

At Green Turtle Arts, we are committed to introducing the magic of literacy–the fun of writing and the joy of reading–to as many children as possible.


At Green Turtle Arts, our mission is to support parents and teachers and to help children discover the joy of reading and the fun of writing .


Discovering the magic of literacy unlocks the door to success. Children need to hear, read and write the kinds of stories that help them navigate life’s many challenges.