About patricia

patricia mcfadden, mfa

Hello! Patricia McFadden here. I started writing stories in elementary school. In later years, I got sidetracked by marriage, motherhood and a series of careers including costume designer, bookkeeper, preschool teacher and herbalist, but I always come back to my greatest love…writing for children.

I have an MFA in Writing for Children from Spalding University.  I’ve written novels and picture books for all ages, as well as Language Arts skills books for pre-K to 6th grade, and have sold stories to Children’s Digest, Turtle Magazine, Highlights for Children, and The Education Center, among others.  My middle-grade fantasy novel, Turtle Island, won an award in the Paul Gillette Memorial Writing Contest and my story “A Light for Lena” was selected as a Highlights for Children  Editors’ Choice.   

.I started Green Turtle Arts in order to share my love of books and literacy with children, parents and teachers.  I also enjoy helping fellow writers improve  their craft.

So, whether you  want help inspiring kids to be readers and writers, or would like to be a better writer, yourself, I’m here for you!