author visits

author visits to schools

Visiting Muse School Appearances

Patricia’s school presentations are for pre-K through fifth grade.     The goal of all presentations is the same:  to inspire a love of reading in children, to encourage each child to express his or her unique self through the written word and to encourage people of all ages to go for their dreams.

Being Curious with Carmelita

For younger children, Pre-K through 1st grade, there is a reading of Curious Carmelita, followed by imagination sparking games and a chance to color a coatimundi picture of their own.

What a great experience for the kids! They loved it”
~First Grade Teacher

Pet Project

2nd through 3rd graders hear Dragon Dilemma and discuss the “Story APC’s of the book—Action, Problem, Conclusion.  The class then does some writing games and/or creates a Magic Pet Shoppe story as a group.

Your activities were thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by my class.  Thank You.”               ~Fourth Grade Teacher

Turtle Island Tour

Older children  in 4th through 5th grade are encouraged to read Turtle Island before the author visit and think up questions to ask concerning the book and the author’s writing process.  They will also get a chance to do some amazing writing exercises guaranteed to get their creative juices flowing.

“Thank you for sharing your expertise with our future authors!”                                                ~Fifth Grade Teacher

One-on-one sessions

Miss Pat also offers 15 minute critiquing sessions with young writers who wish individual help with their writing.  She can do up to six one-on-one sessions per visit.


Teacher Training

Ms. McFadden can also do a special in-service workshop sharing techniques and ideas for teachers who want to help their students get excited about the possibilities of creative writing.

“Thank you so much for coming to visit us! It was a fantastic experience for all!”
~Elementary School Principal